Counting Cards: It’s More Than Just a Gamble!

Counting Cards: It’s More Than Just a Gamble!

Eager to win some money applying your superior intellect? Think you can beat the casino by using your mathematical brain? Feeling smug after winning a round in blackjack by utilizing your card counting techniques?

Here is some news for you. Even though card counting is not illegal, it is frowned upon and if you are caught, you will be in serious trouble. You will be banned and there ends your victory saga.

Understanding the basic rules of a casino game does give an added advantage to the player. But, dissecting a game statistically and then finding out low risk areas to bet more and high risk areas to bet less, make all the difference between winning and losing. Knowledge of probability concepts also gives you an edge over others. Also knowing higher valued cards give the player an advantage and lower valued cards are advantageous for the dealer, does not hurt as well. A good memory also aids the process of counting.

Card counting is basically done in blackjack games though it can be applied to some other games as well.

The trick to counting lies in noting the player’s advantages. For example, a player can raise/double or lower/split his bets while the house cannot. The house cannot continue hitting after seventeen even if it loses. It can only break even. Being aware when to raise the stakes and when not to helps you in winning. Practicing, using simulators goes a long way into helping you master the tricks. Knowing when to quit is essential and sitting down at a table with fewer number of players plays an important part in your experiment.

Now, all you geniuses out there, who think they can beat the casino, beware! If the dealer gets wind of your little trick, he will end up messing up your counting and you will end up losing more than you would have lost by not doing this counting business.

Why counting cards at the Casino is dangerous? Yes, counting cards will not always cost you your life as they show in the movies. But, you will end up antagonizing a lot of people and screwing over your chances of having some fun by gambling. Nowadays, iPhone applications are there to help you in knowing all there is to know about the game and also aid in card counting increasing your winnings instantly.

Overestimating your benefits will only hamper your chances of winning. The advantages of card counting can only be estimated over the long term. There is always the chance of running into plain bad luck while on your endeavor. Even though you are a master at card counting, you can never be a hundred percent sure as to what card will come out next. Tweaking the game to gain a statistical advantage will only work if you master the rules, strategies and are willing to focus and learn the complex counting techniques. It also requires immense patience, determination and discipline on your part to learn the tricks of the trade.

Casinos have taken all sorts of measures to card counter-proof their games including continuous shufflers, multi-deck games cut in half, single or double deck, changing the maximums, monitoring games via cctv cameras, etc.